There would not be much modernity in modern agriculture if the development of mechanical equipment had not relied on bearings. The components of seeding machines, tractors, threshers, ploughs and harrows are vulnerable to soil, sand and dust. Poor design and material quality are not acceptable in agricultural work.

Bearings are essential components used in a variety of agricultural machinery to reduce friction between moving parts, ensure smooth operation and increase machine efficiency. Some common applications of bearings in agricultural machinery include:

1. Harvester: Bearings are used in the header and reel drive, auger, and also in the feeder roller chain to enable the harvester to move efficiently.

2. Tractors: Bearings are present in the engine, wheels, transmission, and steering system of tractors to facilitate the smooth operation of these components.

3. Seed drills: Bearings are used in the seed drill's coulters, furrow wheel, and seed metering units to help reduce friction and ensure accurate seed placement.

4. Grain carts: Bearings in grain carts help in smooth running of the unloading auger, withstanding the various loads and environments.

Overall, bearings play a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of agricultural machinery.