Think different
Radically new designs, proven engineering
Setting new standards in solutions for everything that needs to rotate or slide (or a combination of both).  The engineers at SDT are specialized in designing the best bearings for any application in demanding markets like offshore, dredging, civil structures, handling and mission equipment, taking advantage of our SDTcomposite bearings allow higher loads than virtually all other plain bearings and have less friction and less wear.  To create the best possible bearing designs, it is essential that all the right choices are made. To meet this purpose, SDT has put together a team of dedicated and experienced engineers, pure specialists thriving on the challenges of the modern engineering world. 


Design & Engineering
Creating new limits
Our dedicated engineers work in teams to create the best possible solution. Pure specialists thriving on the challenges of modern world engineering. We can design and engineer solutions for your mechanical motion challenge, or one of our engineers can join your team to integrate the use of sustainable SDTspacer.gif in your bearing solution. 


Sustainable & Innovation

Environmental and maintenance friendly

The use of SDT rules out requirement of lubrication for the bearings developed. This results in sustainable bearings that can be deployed in any type of environment without risk on pollution by lubricant. For the production of SDT no hazardous substances are used, making the material itself sustainable as well. A third advantage follows from a different and innovative design approach. This approach often allows for more compact designs, including additional advantages or redundancy built into the bearing system.

Involvement of our bearing specialists from the conceptual phase of your engineering project gives optimal opportunity to explore progressive design possibilities and include as many innovative advantages in both the bearing itself but also in the surrounding construction.


Quality assurance & Project management

Fast forward in mechanical motion

High standards are pursued in our projects, relying on quality material and proper execution of production.

The quality of our materials is ensured by a reliable production process and material handling. Certification for various applications of SDT materials is in place and third parties inspection is common practice (LR/DNV/BV, etc.). All products that enter our company are inspected, tested and dimensionally controlled.

Project management secures quality and milestone planning for more complex products or involvement in large scale projects. Our people are well trained and experienced in project management and engineering, with supporting control procedures.


Finite Element Analysis & Heat calculations
Environmental and maintenance friendly
Since the use of SDT requires a different engineering approach and allows for innovative design, verification of bearing operation is essential. Our designs are validated, not only by experience, but also with Finite Element Analysis. Structural integrity can thereby be assured by scientific validation combined with practical experience.
Due to the nature of composite bearing behavior, heat development is regularly unknown territory for construction specialists. Our profound knowledge of our materials allows us to carry out more complex heat calculations on designed bearing solutions.