Machine tools and precision machines require very high performance from their bearings. Bearings for this use perform a multitude of tasks: they withstand high speeds, are precise in their guidance, stand out in their rotational capacity, produce little heat and respond well to vibration. You will find them in metalworking and forming machines, welding, milling, cutting and drilling machines. Not to mention flattening machines, sheet metal straighteners and rolling mills.

Bearing is a crucial component in steel working machinery. It is used to support rotating shafts that transfer power and motion to other machinery parts. The bearings in steel machinery are subjected to heavy loads, high temperatures and harsh chemicals, so they are typically designed to withstand such conditions. Bearings are found in various applications in steel machinery, including rolling mills, steel processing equipment, furnaces, and conveyor systems. Properly functioning bearings help to ensure that the machinery operates efficiently and maximizes productivity, while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. Overall, bearings are an essential part of steel working machinery and play a critical role in maintaining the performance and reliability of the equipment in this industry.