From the most professional to the hobbyist, all green maintenance machines operate using bearings. Mud, moisture, greenery residues and pollutants are factors that damage the durability of our components. As in other areas, saving money at the expense of quality is never a great solution.

Bearing is an important component used in gardening machinery. It is predominantly used in machines that require rotary motion such as lawn mowers, trimmers, and tillers. The bearings are installed in the rotating parts of the machinery to support the load and reduce friction between the moving parts. 

In a lawn mower, for instance, bearings support the blade and ensure it rotates smoothly, thus allowing efficient cutting performance. Similarly, in a tiller, bearings help in supporting the tines as they rotate through the soil. Without bearings, these machines would experience higher friction, which can lead to decreased performance, overheating, and faster wear and tear. 

So, ultimately, bearings enable gardening machinery to perform reliably and efficiently by guaranteeing smooth and accurate rotation of all the machine’s parts.