The renewable energy sector is also not exempt from the use of bearings. In particular, wind farms need reliable components to convert every "gust" into clean energy. There are bearings in the rotor shaft where they are exposed to the force generated by the wind, which subjects them to very different loads and operating conditions. They are also in the gearboxes and generators of the blades themselves.

Bearing plays a critical role in wind power applications. Wind turbines are huge rotating machines that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds, vibrations, and temperature changes. Bearings are essential components in turbines, as they support the load and facilitate smooth rotation of the blades, making it possible to generate power. Bearings used in wind energy applications must be designed to withstand the high loads and extreme conditions they are subject to. They are usually large and durable, and often need to be lubricated or sealed to prevent damage from harsh environmental conditions. Proper maintenance and replacement of bearings are essential to ensure the reliable operation of wind turbines, maximize energy generation and reduce downtime.